This is the way we have chosen (Jon Lovitz)

Search engine of debate returning in full effect as early as possible (this page was last updated on 31/5/2021)

So it's time for a response to tyranny to emerge anew from here. Let's start with a static list, a verbal map or outline, of the full extent of what needs to be covered, through documents and software structures (eg search indices and debating point lists, etc).

Contents list (in progress) (in advance of producing the material, a plan, if you will).

  • Intellectual honesty.
  • Intellectual self-defence.
  • Thought and language, origins of language, external language vs thought itself
  • The entirety of Chomsky's indictment of The War Corporation and its history.
  • Advertising, corporatism and the General Theory of Maxipratty.
  • What Chomsky has told us about the difference between "neoliberalism" and that which it pretends to be.
  • Alex Cockburn (and his friends), Apartheid Israel and racism. What it all boils down to in the end.
  • Determinism, probability, the nature of evidence, Feynman, Bohr, today, tomorrow.
  • The most important thing about Rumpole of the Bailey, God's barrister.
  • Transforming society into the one we want, easily and in the best possible way. The best of all worlds.
  • {work in progress}